finally here, digital artefact

My digital artefact was something that challenged me as a student and as an individual. The concept of my digital artefact had changed regularly throughout my future cultures experience. Although I believe fundamentally towards the end I had accumulated my ideas, responses and criticism to make something I believe is relevant for the future. The concept of my work was to create a blog that targeted issues regarding identity and how it can change the future in different scales, whether that be long or short term. So far I only have one post on my blog, which is aimed towards gender selection. Although I only have one post at the moment, I would like to actually continue this blog for several concepts regarding identity and addressing the future once this class has commenced. I had produced a post that I had taken the time to accumulate ideas from myself and others, as to how the future will be changed. And supported my case through research in articles or videos.

The idea of a blog was that I was able to have an online source that people can look to for idea, with an open comment section for people to engage with one another in ideas, whether that be agreeing, disagreeing or creating a completely new theory of their own. The purpose of this blog is to allow people to start engaging with these ideas that could become our future, and how the way they decide to interpret these theories can possibly change our future. All background research for my first post has been provided within the post to allow the readers to further their research into this topic. Although this project did alter from its friends idea, the adaptations have been made so that my blog will be able to be more inclusive in terms of conceptual matter, for a wider audience to engage with my material.

I believe I did very well in terms of actually enjoying my digital artefact and creating something that has meaning and purpose for those outside of the subject. Although it was quite difficult for myself to initially put my ideas out to the world and seek feedback from an idea that was just at the beginnings. The fear or criticism is something that I am still yet to overcome but I have gradually gotten better with the myself putting more faith and work into my digital artefact. I was able to find a large amount of information regarding my first blog post on gender selection because it is a idea quickly becoming more of a reality in everyday life. As well as receiving feedback from my peers whether that be through class or through general discussion, I am happy with the feedback I received because it shows genuine interest and develops a stronger presence of just how controversial gender selection can be.


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