Shopping list- Game prototype

My group and I had all been very nervous and unsure when as to what to do for this assignment, with no one having an opinion of what to do or a preference. It wasn’t until our team was given stimulus by our teacher of Coles minis that slowly provoked the idea of creating a shopping themed game. The goal of the game is to collect all the items on the shopping list first at of all players and make it to the cashier first to be the winner.


The game mechanics are rolling dice, set turns and trading. Each player will have a shopping list which they need to grab before all the other players. Movement is decided by rolling of D6 (six sided dice)  and moving according the the numbers. Each item will have a specific price and every player has enough money to purchase all their items and perhaps pick up a few additional items that other players may have on their list. Which encourages a bit of sneakiness. The board game is set out to look like a grocery store to fully immerse players into the game play style.

The rules are:

you must not pick up more items that you afford. So a player cannot pick up every item they land on.

you must choose between picking up an item if you land on it or picking up a chance card that can have both negative and positive complications.

you must grab all items on your list to finish the game

you must follow the game clockwise




All contributions to the group game prototype was brainstormed openly as a group and ideas had been brought up, discussed and decided upon. Initially I had the idea of having a basket limit to the game referring to the amount of items a player could carry instead of the money concept which was brought up by another member.  Personally I liked the idea of having limitations to how many items a player can carry compared to the money because it added another element to worry about in terms of making and describing the game. But the money does add another layer to the game that works well with marketing towards families and encouraging using mathematical skills.

Also I had considered and trailed the idea of allowing the player to choose which direction they can move, either backwards or forwards to aim to collect the items strategically. But then this had seemed to make the game unfair at certain periods, therefore it was abolished and the clockwise gameplay was implemented.

The game had taken most inspiration from monopoly as all group members don’t have much experience in playing board games expect for the traditional household games. Funnily enough there is another game called ‘ Shopping List’ that requires players to fill their trolly with tiles (items) but instead of a roll and move it has an approach like the card game memory where you find the items that have been flipped and complete your list first.  This can be another avenue for my  group to look towards for development .



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