Camel Up

Camel Up is a game I thought initially was called ‘Camel Cup’ due to the poor design layout on the front.  (No offence but yesh) The game is essentially about camel racing in the desert and placing bets according to which camel you believe will win the leg, as well as lose the leg. First bets allow for the most money to be won, but betting incorrectly can cause for a loss of money. The person at the end of the race with the most money wins, so betting on each leg is essential to earning more money than the other players.

That was the diluted explanation of the game so you’re welcome. The game plays two to eight players, even though there was four of us reading the instructions, it wasn’t until a video explanation on youtube was advised that we actually understood the rules and purpose of the game.

The game was published in 2014 working with numerous publishers such as 999 Games, Hobby Japan and more, an obvious indication of the prediction of success. Being designed by Steffen Bogen with artist Dennis Lohausen and Chris Quilliams the game is marketed towards a children, family audience for ages 8+. The Mechanics of the game are dice rolling, betting and moving. This makes the game play very straight forward once understand the rules and instructions.

Camel up is comparable to real life horse betting which is questionable towards me and my ethics as the game is marketed towards families.  But then again so are games like monopoly.  The game is fairly simplistic and can be enjoyable for perhaps two rounds at maximum.  Camel up is well done in terms of game design and concept, including unique direction in rolling dice which includes an upside down pyramid that can roll the dice and customise the order each camel moves, for each camel has a coordinating dice. Only issue I had was that several dice would come out instead of one at a time which was a bit annoying. But would definitely be more entertaining for the younger audience. Also allowing each camel to stack on top of each other changes the placing of each camel even if they land on the same spot. Working from the camel at the top being first and the one on the bottom being last.

camel up game

Initially the first thing that interested me in towards this game was the design, seeming less intimidating from the box display. The best part about this game was perhaps the betting system of ‘first in best dressed’ which encouraged a bit of rivalry between players to be successful.  The one thing that seemed a bit pointless to me was the ’tiles’ that offered an oasis or dessert side which adds or deducts coins from player that places the tile. It does served to offer more points fundamentally but seemed a bit boring in concept. Perhaps having chance cards similar to monopoly would’ve been more successful in my opinion.

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