My artwork prototype was created in a response to an earthquake simulator in the Natural History Museum which created an experience for the audience to become immersed into. My work has been heavily influenced by the idea of being transformed into another experience through the work. My work that is currently in process of making is very much so a light/ tactile installation work. The earthquake simulation work is something that physically moves through the use of motors and engages by creating an common scenario of a store.

The audience is able to move throughout the work and stand while the chaos of the earthquake begins. The use of space is important because the audience is able to engage their sense and the idea of the immersive spaces as a passage of understanding and transforming into more than just simulation. The use of common objects found in a grocery store, allows the audience to contextualise the experience and further understand the intentions of the artist. Also the use of physical movement is something that an audience member may be drawn towards or shy away. But the ability to involve the movement into the simulation is what conveys the message best in regards to actually understand and experiencing the intentions of the work fully. The audiences is able to differentiate between different movements and contextualise what is happening based on what is actually happening. I believe my final work will encapsulate a few of these qualities that the earthquake simulator has, but I will focus on extracting core elements to create a work that is just a engaging and provided just as strong of an experience. I will enforce subtle movements by just the use of interactions from the audience. The goal is to have clouds hanging in thin air, in a dark room, only illuminated by the led lights placed inside the cloud. Also having the heights differentiate enough that the audience is able to walk through the clouds, hopefully being able to be transformed into another world. Having another source of light come into account by using different lights or projecting a thunderstorm onto the clouds to bring another level or dimension to the work that couldn’t be achieved initially. But this step will come only after setting up my first work and deciding what feels most effective in the end.

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